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25th Anniversary Of Brutal Maradona Foul

September 24th, 2008 | Categoría: Sports

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Twenty-five years ago today a brutal, intentional foul nearly changed the course of soccer history. The foul, which occurred in a game between the European clubs Barcelona and Athletico de Bilbao, and is shown in the above video, left Diego Maradona with a fractured left ankle. But it could have been worse. Maradona was operated on the same day, according to a Mundo Deportivo story commemorating the event. The operation was a success. Three years later Maradona – and the “Hand of God” – led Argentina to win the 1986 World Cup.

Link: BBC Timeline of Maradona’s Life

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Marcelo says:

Hey Taos! Maradona, the hand of god, and the best goal in football history (running through half of the field, leaving english players behind, and defining exquisitly) led Arentina to win the 1986 world cup! I think your post is a little tendentious! :p

Taos says:

Hey Marcelo,
You’re right about that amazing play. It was maybe the greatest goal in soccer history. Just stunning, an incredible display of Maradona’s unparalleled brilliance on the field.
Take care,

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