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Barack Obama Calls Cristina Fernández

November 18th, 2008 | Categoría: Humor


“Just when I was in a middle of a meeting with the president of Tunisia, Ben Ali, we received a call from President Obama, who wanted to talk with me. So, obviously, I had to get up from the meeting and go to a separate room where I could talk with him. He wanted to greet me, he wanted to talk to me, really. He said he was very interested in getting to know me. He said he knew that Argentina was a great country and that he was very eager to visit Buenos Aires because when he was in college he had read authors like Cortázar y Borges. And so then, obviously, I took advantage of the moment and invited him to Argentina. I told him that I was in Tunisia and he asked me to formally pass on his greetings to President Ben Ali and the Tunisian people. He seemed very warm and very desirous of meeting me personally so we could talk. He said he knew that I had bravely confronted challenges. Really, I found him to be very warm and we decided that we would meet up soon after he takes office, because he is very interested in meeting me personally.” — a clearly smitten Cristina Fernández, Tuesday from Tunisia, after speaking with President Elect Barack Obama

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jamieNo Gravatar says:

Very interesting. Maybe Obama is interested in knowing how not to go from a positive to negative approval rating overnight?

Marco says:

Nice, maybe he wandered how can such a whore become President of a country.

Anonymous says:

The Argentine News have neglected to mention that Barack Obama was merely making a phone call to thank her for the letter she sent to him. It’s not like Obama was calling Cristina to consult with her, as many of my Argentine friends mistakenly believe.

Btw, I saw a protest sign in front of Congress on Nov. 19, 2008 that said, “Cristina chamuyalo al negro obama trae plata hay que pagar la pieza.” What do you think about this?

[…] Barack Obama Calls Cristina Fernández [The Argentine Post] President-elect Barack Obama called Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez on Tuesday, November 18th and had a 10 minute conversation with her.  She had previously announced her preference that he win the presidency and sent a congratulatory note to him when he won. […]

CherieNo Gravatar says:

She might have made a better impression on him if, at the exact moment of Obama’s inauguration, she hadn’t been visiting Fidel in Havana.

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