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Happy Thanksgiving From The Argentine Post!

November 26th, 2008 | Categoría: Humor



The Argentine Post is grateful for you! Hundreds of you have recently signed up to receive email updates of this blog and more have signed up to follow the site through your feed readers. Thank you! I very much appreciate your feedback, your comments (even your critiques), your emails, and your continued readership. May your Thanksgiving be a joyful one.

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Tom NelsonNo Gravatar says:

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dollo, Taos,

I would be glad to receive email updates.
By the way there is a possibility that Rita and I along with friends could be visiting Buenos Aires next year. I’ll keep you posted as more info comes forth.

Anonymous says:

Happy Thanks Giving day!
For you and all your family.
Lets pray for our Nation and for our many many thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your blog!!
It’s only nice to think that people abandoned their daily routines and harsh activities only to say Thank YOU to the Lord!!
We should learn from them and stop and look around to all the things we have and be grateful for them.
Happy day for everybody!!!



GraceeNo Gravatar says:

Dear Taos,

Thank you for your straight to the point, no nonsense journalism. I know I can trust your take on things. One thing you have is, and I am truly thankful for when I read your “news” about Argentina – integrity.
I am thankful for that. You have talent, Taos. More power to you.
Keep those articles coming. I admire your work and love the good read.

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. (for year round, really!)


Anonymous says:

When I came to USA as an immigrant,poor as a country rat someone gave me a plate of food, with warm mash potatoes, and I was surrounded by niece beautiful people who didn’t ask many questions at least on that Thanksgiving day…
They just knew how to feed my soul and my spirit, sending me a strong message. Because those plain Americans knew all coming from other latitudes that just plain work, studying, being frugal and honest was all I will ever needed to come to work and fight for my own dignity as a human being, which I did.
Today we are trhoug terrible times, but the spirit of the people is the same.
People will fight the hard
times, again and again and again….different times, different generations, but the LAND will impress in everyone the same message.
USA is here to stay, and many more THANKSGIVING days will come.
Because in GOD WE TRUST and the world no matter what they say, we said or do, looks for the USA in critical times.
The same way I did, when coming to America with a few pesos and the faith to see for my future and own dignity as a human being.

taosNo Gravatar says:


Wow, thank you so much for your generous comments. I really appreciate them. This is why I blog!

Take care and best wishes,

LolitaNo Gravatar says:

Anonymous (Jossie) couldn´t have said it better. My father an immigrant felt the same way and installed that love for and gratitude to the USA to his children. Too bad so many American born citizens have such disdain for their own country and transfer their feelings abroad. I give thanks everyday and especially on Thanksgiving Day that God has me living in the most generous country in the world. I also give thanks that He has a put you at the head of this great blog to give the news fair and balanced|
A little late but hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

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