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Photo Post: “Assy,” The Cure For Lice!

March 20th, 2009 | Categoría: Humor



A friend of The Argentine Post submitted this photo of the classic product “Assy,” a cure for lice (“piojos”) It’s one of a growing list of hilarious, if poorly-conceived product names. This one even comes with a fine steel comb to force those little buggers out.

“Assy, It’s Classy!”

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peterNo Gravatar says:

and this is funny because…?

Carla says:

Muy bueno!!
Peter, en castellano diriamos que sos un tipo “muy pesado”. lighten up, man. Es gracioso por el mal uso de una palabra y su aplicacion….Ba, como explicarle que es el humor a alguien que no tiene sentido de humor??? que dificil. sos un pesado, peter!!

It reminds me of the first time I came across a Mitsubishi Pajero. I laughed all the way to London on the M4.
And it was a good idea to rename the VW Jetta here. Nobody in their right mind would buy a jinxed car!

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