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March 9th, 2009 | Categoría: Humor



One of the fun things about living here is seeing how people sometimes unintentionally misuse and abuse the English language. (The same thing happens in my small hometown in Colorado, USA, where people routinely butcher the Spanish language.) But this weekend I may have seen the funniest example yet. Had I been in a porn shop, everything would have made perfect sense. But I was in a hardware store, so the item on sale, a “McPussy” glass cleaner, seemed a bit out of place. Maybe it wasn’t just a hardware store after all? And no, I didn’t buy it!

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AD says:

Well, tell the Japanese they have the Mitsubishi Pajero, Mazda Laputa and Nissan Moco.

Drew BensonNo Gravatar says:

I’ve seen this brand before. I also like the “Barfy” burgers for sale in the frozen goods section of some independent supermarkets.

DaVeNo Gravatar says:

I hadn’t seen this yet, but they also sell McPussy kitchen sponges at Carrefour. We brought about 10 back to the US and gave them out as Christmas stocking stuffers.

[…] that live among the poor believe that it is more important to learn from them. Monday, 09 March Photo Post[The Argentine Post] One of the fun things about living here is seeing how people sometimes […]

EstebanNo Gravatar says:

Very true. For some strange reason, some companies give foreign names to their products, or even have their own company name in another language (especially in English if you’re in Argentina)… thinking that they will gain more respect or reputation!!!???…. Y LA REPUTA QUE LOS PARIO, if you know what I mean… what a bunch of idiots!!! It pisses me off big time!!!

Jack says:

What about the fries named “Holy Craps”? Lovely!

jamieNo Gravatar says:

Classic. Here in Bariloche, there is a children’s clothing store called Mr Cock.

paulaNo Gravatar says:

The Mr. Cock store had very cute kids/baby clothes. We bought some adorable baby t-shirts embroidered with a little duck and the words “Mr. Cock” in baby blue for our friend in the US, as a joke. The baby did not wear the t-shirts outside the home. I hope…

MiaNo Gravatar says:

Classic…. love my country, I wish in my lifetime i can get back and get to know it….

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