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Psyche! Obama 'Disses' CFK At G20 Summit

April 3rd, 2009 | Categoría: Humor, Politics

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Cristina Fernández had an awkward moment at this week's G20 summit in London. Here in this video Fernández is shown alongside the other G20 presidents just before they do a group photo shoot.

Fernández is seen standing in line as Barack Obama approaches her. She extends her hand, thinking Obama is about to great her. But in reality Obama is looking past Fernández at another leader, to whom he actually does extend his hand, completely unaware that Fernández was expecting him to greet her instead. Obama leaves her totally hanging. Ouch! This is painful to watch.

Fernández, aware that she has just been thoroughly dissed, even if unintentionally, gracefully retracts her hand and brushes off the awkward moment. The moment itself probably didn't bother her, but you know she will be steaming at the local press as they repeat this video over and over again. The clip is funny but also uncomfortable to watch. The dis was obviously unintended, but still….

Curiously, the president's press office posted the following photo online for reporters to download. It appears to be a picture of the exact same moment when Obama was walking toward Fernández “to greet her.” The photo contains this caption: “The president of the United States Barack Obama approaches president Cristina Fernández to greet her moments before the summit's official photo is taken.”

But this begs the question: If Obama actually did greet the president at this point, why not include that picture as opposed to this one, which shows him approaching her, sans the actual greeting?

The answer, apparently, is that Obama didn't actually greet her, at least not at this exact moment. But if that's the case, which, presumably, the Casa Rosada is aware of, why would they post the picture with a caption that is, evidently, false?


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mimiNo Gravatar says:

He is the one that shouldnt be acknowledged, no only because of his race most of all because of how Argentines are so cruely treated by USA and above website as an example. Welcome to the united jews of america!

taosNo Gravatar says:

Wow, that’s a lot of hatred there. Not sure who you are or what you’re trying to say, but eventually your hatred will consume you and eat away at everything valuable in your life.

paulaNo Gravatar says:

Mimi, your comments make me so sad. Your anger and hatred come from within, not from anything the US or the current president has done. I hope you take a serious look at yourself and also educate yourself a bit more about the world.

Anonymous says:

Girl, you are troubled with origins , race, and more internal storms on yourself.
Presidential rooth has also nothing to do here. He and we already know about his birth place and there are no problems with that.
Our first Lady was just greeted only few minutes ago, just before the picture by Obama.
HAPPENS TO BE THAT SHE DID NOT LOOK AT his BODY LANGUAGE, HIS LOOK WAS NOT POINTING at HER, just pointing to the other guy from Canada…
Happens also to be that there is a lack of observance, a high level of anxiety on our lider, and when anxiety is so high, fine details are blocked and because she firmly believes that she is more important than all of the rest of the group.
It is a lack of observation on her part. And yes, they are all important, at the same level
Mimi, put all you hatred in litlle box, and make a new assessment of the situation
Retired trained
American psychiatric nurse

all your feelings aside, and really….make your assessment

Adam F says:

T2, that is way too funny!

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