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CFK Least Popular President in the Hemisphere

September 30th, 2009 | Categoría: Politics


CFK Popularity

Argentine President Cristina Fernández is the least popular president in the entire hemisphere, according to a recent poll of regional leaders.

The survey, organized by the Mexican consulting firm Mitofsky Consulta, puts Fernández at the bottom of the heap of 15 leaders in the Americas.

The data for Argentina were compiled by the Argentine polling firm Poliarquía, which in the last election proved itself to be the country’s most accurate pollster.

The poll puts Fernández’s approval rating at just 23%. That’s just below President Alan García of Peru, whose approval rating stands at 27%.

El Salvador’s President Mauricio Funes leads the list with an astonishing rating of 84%. He’s followed by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at 81%.

U.S. President Barack Obama ranked 9th at 52%.

The survey didn’t conduct polls in Canada, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic or in Venezuela.

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Anonymous says:

Did ‘nt she gave a lecture on how to rule the world of economics?
Din’t she show the rest of the people how stupid and ignorant they where? din’t she teacht Stiglitz how to run economics?
Didn’t she reach the London school of economics ready to give a sermon on economics, of course in spanish….? But had to go to a funeral at the last minute?
How dare people tell the miserable and stupid whole world that she is the last?
You better be prepared to get a lot of people as mad as they are now with the galletitas….
Just hope terrabussi – traviatta will not finish as bad as those 23 holes….
Keep going.
Great post
love you

But at least Cristina put her agenda over the media agenda and over the conservatives interests. If it is what makes her approval rating bellow, for me, that’s means she do is a great President.

AnquisesNo Gravatar says:

El argentino medio tiene una imagen negativa de la clase política. En la elección de Junio de 2009, Poliarquia acertó al asignarle parejas chances a los principales candidatos del oficialismo y la oposición (de hecho, el gobierno ganó en el total del país por escaso margen, aunque perdió en los mayores distritos, también por escaso margen). Al parecer, ningún dirigente político argentino cuenta con mucho más del 30% de aprobación ante la opinión pública.

GusNo Gravatar says:

Obama’s popularity drops almost daily here in the states. Once the rest of the world figures him out, the mideast and Chavez already have, his popularity will drop worldwide. I have no doubt that he will pass CFK on the way down very soon. Although it might be a close race to the bottom.

They left out the largest country in the hemisphere: CANADA

pattyNo Gravatar says:

Anyone who hangs out with Chavez, well jury still out. I’m an expat from many years ago love your site . Looking forward to it.

pattyNo Gravatar says:

The more i read about your President Mrs. Cristina i find her so unprofessional . Having press conferences without notes and off the cuff remarks. I would have not voted for her. Good Luck my fellow Portenos. God Bless Argentina and most of all AMERICA<

Matias Fernando Robinson says:

My dear Patty that is because you have to venture outside the comfort of your square and read beyond papers like ‘Clarin’ or ‘La Nacion’. Why not try truly informing yourself with impartial papers such as ‘Pagina 12’? Furthermore, perhaps you should refrain from reading ‘The Argentine Post’ so incessantly as a doctrine aswell

I am also extremely curious to know why you consider OUR President to be “unprofessional”. She is fluent in 3 languages. Her grammatical and lexical level of Spanish is extremely advanced. Perhaps it is the fact that she delivers her speeches (unlike the rest of the “leaders” on this survey) WITHOUT the aid of palm cards but rather from mental notes and straight from the heart? You CAN NOT get any more geneuine or professional than that.

In essence, this survey, like many of the kind posted on here, means very little to me at all. If Cristina is at the bottom end of the “populairty” scale of the region, then that means she’s doing well in my books. To have someone like Uribe up there, so far ahead of her makes me laugh and makes this survey lose all validity. Then there’s the fact that Chavez didn’t even get a look in at all on this list which is something so further ceases the legitimacy of such a list! What sort of a survey was this? I’d like to see exactly who they asked and why the survey’s creators don’t just stick to worrying about their own corrupt president in Mexico?

taosNo Gravatar says:

Hey Matias,

Thanks for your comments. A few of questions:

1) Why do you think Pagina 12 is any more objective than La Nacion or Clarin?
2) What other languages is CFK fluent in? I wasn’t aware that she spoke any other languages fluently. This would be a plus in her favor. Chile’s president speaks four languages fluent, apparently. I recently heard her give a speech in English with complete fluency.
3) Why the negative sentiment towards Uribe? I just got back from 10 days in Colombia. People there love the guy, praising him at almost every turn. Even those who don’t want him to run for reelection say he’s been the best president in the past 50 years.

Thanks again and saludos,

Matias Fernando Robinson says:

P.S. By “America” I presume that you are referring to North, Central and South, correct? If so, yes in indeed, God bless ALL of America.

Fernando says:

Matias, see the reality, man, she IS is the worst president in the hemisphere, ok maybe not as bad as Chavez, but at least with Chavez you know his true colors. He doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not, people either love him or hate him. Nobody thinks he’s stupid, just stupid policies. He’s funny too. Cristina is anti-funny. With Cristina, people just think she’s a joke. That’s it, she doesn’t fool anyone with her paperless speeches because what she says is so stupid that how she says it doesn’t matter!!! She gives the same speech everytime, the same one. At least Chavez has goals. She has nothing, just the “model” she’s always talking about, nothing about the future, nothing!!! I love my country but I hate my government.

Matias Fernando Robinson says:

Fernando my friend, the actual “reality” is that while this present government surely has its flaws, they are a far cry from its abysmal predecessors. Tell me please which government in the last 30 years has been better than Nestor’s or CFK’s? The passive, useless Alfonsin Govt? No wait, dare I say it… The Menem govt who sold off our country?

I think Argentines today are very pessimist, very quick to judge and forget rather easily that little more than 25 years ago these so called “piqueteros” would have been shot dead on the spot by the savage military dictatorships simply for protesting their rights. Infact to merely have voiced ones humble opinion over a coffee in the privacy of intimate circles could have even cost one their life or at the very least bought them some time in a torture chamber. The severity and scope of the terror of that era was so profound that no one, not a soul, in their right mind would have even considered the idea of protesting or blocking off a street the way they do today.

Furthermore, I believe we are undermining and taking for granted if not completely overlooking the actual freedom, democracy and the fraud-free government that Argentina finally truly has been blessed with. Remember that it also wasn’t that long ago now (infact only 8 years) that we all stood out on the streets with pots, pans and Molotov cocktails setting the city alight and raiding banks, amid absolute chaos and social disorder when we declared bankruptcy after years of blindly or nonchalantly spending it big in places like Miami, New York, Paris or Geneva, all as a result of a far worse and totally corrupt government’s practice – their narrow and unrealistic ideology of irrationally pegging the Argentine peso to the U.S. dollar (when we all know that it never really was or could ever be of the equivalent value).

Ultimately it was the previous government’s (particularly Menem’s) economic mismanagement, as well as excessive multinational greed and foreign capital investment, an over-accommodation for unrestricted profit-seeking private enterprise, the typical market tendencies of over-correction, and of course an ignorant model that was followed dogmatically based on the neo-liberal experiment of an almost free-market fundamentalism and supremacy, that were the main factors which essentially led us to a collapse of private credit and in turn a total disintegration of our financial system and a completely unnecessary and foreseeable national debt.

It’s not a case of shifting blame as I agree a government once in power can’t continue to ride on the tailcoats of the failures of previous regimes and continuously point the finger at the past, attributing existing problems to old mistakes (and there were far too many of those) using them as an excuse for Argentina’s current situation, neither is it simply a matter of “settling” for the “best of the worst” government.
It is about recognising that if a nation took 30 years to destroy, then it will take (ATLEAST) the same amount of time for it to recover and be rebuilt. Though if everyone is out to satisfy their own needs, or more precisely – wants, then this country will never progress. It is about giving this government a chance to govern and by this I mean a REAL chance to govern properly.

I find it insulting that Argentines bastardise our nation’s leadership by turning it into a popularity contest. Who cares about charisma? Who cares about arrogance? If my leader will deliver, I don’t care whether they are as funny or as crazy and upfront as Chavez! Cristina has to keep repeating herself in some speeches because people obviously don’t understand her message. Fernando, Crisitna indeed has a goal, and it is a task that begun 6 years ago with her husband and that she has continued to carry forward today and is well on course for the future.

Fernando do you realise the extent of how much Argentina’s economy has grown in the past 7 years? Do you understand the magnitude of this growth when you consider the context of Argentina’s situation and the global pressure it has been under to pay off foreign debts? Now imagine how much better off we would ALL be if there were more people embracing Cristina’s model rather than opposing it by becoming hindrances to Argentina’s outlook? But to ask for such a thing is to dream. This is because lobbyists with ulterior interests and motives relentlessly distort CFK’s goal and this is assisted with the monopolising of our media.

This could only be amended by the passing of the recent resurgence of the ‘Audio-Visual Communication law’ which has been INCORRECTLY touted all over the country and abroad as “Kirchner’s radio law” – even though we all know this legislative proposal previously existed and has been on the agenda of previous governments for quite some time. It puts forward the objective of regulating television and radio broadcasters to increase fair, and partial competition in the media industry. By approving this law it will restore parity to the news which people receive, while creating a more democratic and informative collective environment.

To really get anywhere, this government needs the co-operation from its neighbours, but before this, more importantly it requires the collaboration of its own people, and right now this isn’t going to happen unless we put an end to such private dominance of our press so our people can once and for all learn to think for themselves instead of buying into the headlines of papers owned by four idiots.

Honestly my fellow Argentines, if not Cristina then just who exactly will be the next president of our beloved Argentina? Carrio? De Narvaez? Or that joke of man De Angelis? Yes they will fix our country! (NOT!). Come on people! Wake up and smell the asado! Crisitna does not “pretend” to be anyone but herself, a strong, determined, intelligent woman who knows her policies literally off by heart. Cristina is a woman who despite being constantly stupidly labeled as “arrogant“ by everybody, she changes for nobody. Now if that’s “pretending” or not “showing your true colours” entonces yo soy Gardel!

P.S. Taos, all apologies I haven’t responded to your questions about Uribe as yet, I will try to do so very soon. Saludos.

Matias Fernando Robinson says:

[sic] *IMpartial not partial

Matias Fernando Robinson says:

Rest in Peace Mercedes Sosa

Greg says:

Thankyou Matias, such common sense wouldn’t usually make me feel I should write some words of support but unfortunately, when the government of CFK is being discussed, common sense seems to be in short supply. As an expat I am constantly bewildered at how other foreigners living here fall so easily into the Kirchner hate fest, do they know the stories of the Austral, assassinations, random explosions, mysterious ‘suicides’ and ‘accidents’, gun running, certain politicians caught in rather compromising positions with certain plastic toys, a head of customs who speaks no Spanish, Sulamita, Ferraris to Mar del Plata (its mine, mine mine!!) and so on. There is such an entrenched and avaricious political culture here that it will take many years of gradual progress with regard to political and judicial institutions, transparency and respect for the rule of law before we can think about making easy comparisons with our countries of origin. The Kirchners are far from perfect in any regard but they are a vast improvement on any previous administration since the restoration of democracy. Unfortunately this will no doubt go out the window at the next election and we will return to normal programming with, well, take your pick: the narco, the woman who has visions of virgins… it would be hilarious if it wasn’t true.

…and yes if you read Clarin or La Nacion and consider yourself someone who wants to be informed (whatever your political leanings) then I would consider it compulsory to read P12 to have even the vaguest idea what is going on.

[…] Las conclusiones completas del estudio las podes ver aca. Lo vi en The Argentine Post […]

Pagina 12 is a joke, Greg.

Meanwhile, Jorge Lanata is the only reliable journalist left in Argentina. Follow him if you want to be informed….

informed reader {mis} apparently YOU are the joke!

Pagina 12 is one of the papers that MOST criticises the govenrment, however it does what ALL the others fail to do… Let the people know the positives this government has. THAT my friend is to truly inform.

How can you like Lanata and then not read Pagina 12? Do you not think Juan Gelman is a reliable writer?

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