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Most Argentines Say Falklands Are Important Issue

October 13th, 2009 | Categoría: Politics


Falkland Islands

Most Argentines consider the Falkland Islands to be an important issue, according to a new survey.

According to the polling firm Ibarómetro, 79% of those polled said the islands – known here as Las Malvinas – are either pretty or very important to the country.

Almost 84% of those surveyed said “the United Kingdom is violating Argentina’s sovereign right to the islands.”

Interestingly, about 53% said they don’t know if they agree with the 1982 dictatorship’s decision to go to war with the UK over the islands. Thirty-three percent said they agree while 15% disagree.

Finally, although Argentines think the issue is important, they’re not all convinced that it’s necessary to vote for political candidates who harbor on the issue.

Less than half of those polled (47%) said they vote based on a candidate’s position regarding the Falklands. Thirty percent said they don’t care about a candidate’s stance while 23% said “it’s not the most important issue” when voting.

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Let’s just hope that everyone leaves the Kelpers alone. They did nothing to deserve having a gun head to their heads back in 1982, and for a large part (33%) of a supposedly “democracy loving” country like Argentina to say that the military was right to go to war over the islands is quite frankly, embarrassing.

iStarNo Gravatar says:

Argentina needs to give it up already! They lost the war.
The government has more important things on their plate such as the economy and inflation. The people should worry about the blatant corruption in this country!

MartinNo Gravatar says:

Both posts before mine are obviously very biased. Don’t you think it is a huge hypocresy to say that we should leave the kelpers alone when you didn’t ask -back in 1833 – the Argentinians living on the islands if they wanted to leave? Why don’t we solve “the kelper problem” in the same way you did, pack them all on a ship and send them back to London? Very democratic indeed.
If there wasn’t the chance of finding oil in the area, if the island weren’t so close to the Antarctis (which make them a perfect excuse for claiming a share of the Antarctis) I don’t think many people in the UK would care much about the kelpers and their rights.
The Islas Malvinas are an anachronism, a colony right in the middle of the 21st century – something like Abkhazia or South Ossetia (by the way very criticised by the UK an other western Nations).
I personally dislike the current argentine government and the state of the politic in my country. And would hate to see that the Kirchners (or any current politician) use this for internal propaganda. But this has nothing to do with the right over the islands. Argentina is a big country, with a lot of resources, with a growing population. One day the UK will have no option but to listen to the UN assembly says and sit down at the negotiation table.

Martin, you will find if you research the history that the British naval commander in 1833 did precisely that: Ask the “argentinians” if they wanted to leave. The people he compelled to leave were a small Argentine garrison, half of whom were involved in the murder of their commanding officer, and the prisoners who had been sent there by the government in BA. The majority of the civilian population opted to stay and formed the nucleus of the current population of the islands. They comprised a wide variety of nationalities but the largest group were Argentinian. This was reported by the British naval officer at the time and commented on by subsequent visitors to the islands.

A very thorough, documented and referenced explanation of why Argentina has no historical, cultural, moral or legal claim to the Falklands can be found here
If you know of an exposition of Argentina’s claim using a similar range of contemporary primary sources I would be delighted to read it.

Posteador Anonimo says:

The place you are referring is Islas Malvinas and it is in Argentina

Argentino says:

Give up your asses imperialistas!

Suzy VegasNo Gravatar says:

Argentina didnt go to war with us – they started it and the UK was obliged to commit because the residents of the Falklands DONT WANT to be part of a third world country. Everyone should read ‘Malvinas Requiem’ if they want to see just how heinous the Argetnine character is

What is the surprising news, then? It’s more than obvious that this long-standing dispute is of utmost significance and priority for Argentine people, regardless of the Government in charge. What is surprising is that this site stills calls them “Falkland” instead of “Malvinas”, the only official rightful name. Hope you consider it in the future. German

The Malvinas Islands are Argentine, of course, even if the British still ocuppy them by force. Colonialism in these days, that is the truth. Besides, the Brisith people on the islands aren’t but the very colonial power whom they belong to. How can they even be said to have the right to claim somebody else’s territory? Only the British can sustain this, but time is running short for them. Best. S

As a brit who has spent around 3 years in Argentina on and off since 2001 I find it sad that the Falklands/Malvinas issue keeps being raised as an issue of conflict by Argentina. Sadly it is used by those in power in Argentina as an excuse to divert attention from the real issues that affect the people of Argentina; poor governance, vested interest, corruption and so on. Whenever an important domestic issue seems likely to cause real public discontent those in power trot out the Malvinas as a diversionary tactic, to divert people’s attention from the real issues that need to be dealt with (much as Tony Blair’s government did in Britain with foxhunting, whenever something embarrassing for his government was about to break!). Regarding sovereignty there are parallels with Gibraltar and Scotland; in both these cases, as with the Falklands/Malvinas, the sensible, pragmatic and democratic solution is to let the people decide, i.e. if the folks of Gibraltar want to be part of Spain, or those of the Falklands/Malvinas part of Argentina, or for the Scots to be independent, then hold a referendum in those places with the majority making the decision. It is then incumbent on both sides of the debate to make their case and persuade the inhabitants of the virtues of that case. You have to start from “where we are now”, not from where you would like to be! Come on Argentina – prove to the people on the islands that they would be better off with you rather than Britain. Until you can, resorting to arguments about who rightly ‘owns’ the islands is just an academic exercise. Without the people’s support you will never have legitimate claim to their loyalty.

antonio says:

Those who claim that the falklands are an example of colonialism don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about… They clearly don’t know what colonialism means, if they did they wouldn’t make such a ridiculous claim… Colonialism is foreign rule imposed upon a people, that is, the subjugation of one people to another. This is clearly NOT the case with the falklands!! The islanders are not subjugated to any foreign power. They are under british rule by choice, not because it is imposed on them. If they ever wanted to declare their independence, they are free to do so. Same goes for any other British overseas territory. The will of the natives is always respected. Who are the Argentines to tell the islanders what to do? In my opinion, the only colonialism here comes from the Argentine side, considering that they want to impose their rule on the islands against the will of the natives.

MartinNo Gravatar says:

antonio, let’s send the kelpers back to the UK and then there is no argentine colonialism! Very simple, just what the UK did with the argentines living there in 1833.
You must be very smart and probably know more that the people working at the Decolonization Commitee of the UN, which has been telling the UK for decades to go and sit at the table with Argentina for negotiations.
You can see the last document they issued here:
But sorry, in your opinion they surely “don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about”.

Good day and hello,

I am a Falkland Islander, and am always interested in other people’s views regarding the Falklands controversy. However, having read some of the posts on this site, I can see that some contributors have not researched the subject very well at all, so may I suggest that all providers (before posting any further comments) read a publication called:

“Getting it right: the real history of the Falklands/Malvinas”
authored by Graham Pascoe and Peter Pepper.

This site is for all who are interested in the history of the Argentine claim over the Falkland Islands. The information it contains is taken from the original historical documents concerned.
If no “hard” evidence exists, then no entry was included in this history by the authors.

It is a rebuttal of Argentine historical misinformation – particularly as distributed in 2007 to Argentine schoolchildren.
A lot of the information is researched from actual Argentine historical archives.
This is a “must see” for all those interested in the background to the controversy, and the general history of the South West Atlantic.

If you would like to learn more about this subject and more Falklands History, both in the English and Spanish then copy and paste the below links into your web browser:

English Language:

Spanish PDF:

It will be interesting if any body out there can come up with actual historical documents that prove this publication (or any part of) to be incorrect.

Very best regards and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Malvinas Argentinas says:

Las Malvinas son Argentinas.
Kelpers go home and go cry to the Queen
La soberania argentina sobre las Malvinas no se negocia


Martin, you think that I’m British! I dislike the Brits in general BUT, I still think Argentina is wrong about the Falklands.

So, if Britain should send the Kelpers home, and give the Falklands to Argentina, then surely, at the same time, we should send all the gallegos and tanos home from Argentina, and give it back to the Charruas, Mapuches, Guaranis etc etc etc (you do realise that Patagonia was stolen from the natives of this land AFTER the Falklands were “stolen” from Argentina, don’t you? I guess not…

ARGENTINE HYPOCRISY!!! How does that not surprise me!

(In fact,

[oops, got cut off there]

(In fact, I think it would probably be a good idea if we sent the tanos, gallegos and franchutas home from Argentina. Argentina is indeed a beautiful country – it doesn’t deserve the Argentines. If the population would be so kind to leave, perhaps it could be turned into a big national park or something. Let’s give it to Chile and Brazil to administrate… that way at least things will start heading in the right direction.

(Only problem with this is that I would pity Italy, Spain and France having to receive the rejects back…)

MartinNo Gravatar says:

Falkland Islander, with all respect to your opinion, I think the history you are mentioning has been written by British or Kelpers, which at least makes it suspicious to me. Of course it will tell what the UK wants!
Informed Reader – The Charrúas were the aborigenes living mostly in Uruguay. And I don’t dislike the British, I get along very well with them.

- says:

The population of the Falklands want to remain with the United Kingdom. Falkland Islanders posses British Citizenship and we will protect them just like we defended our people against the Spanish Armarda (ancestors of the Spainish settlers in Argentina), France’s Napoleon (inspiration of Hitler), Germany in two World Wars and the Argies themselves in the British victory of 1982.
It’s not colonialism, it’s democracy, the will of the people, and it’s that which is what Britain will defend, and we’ll crush anybody that wants to deprive British citizens such basic human rights as we have proved countless times (some of which i have already mentioned).

MartinNo Gravatar says:

ohhh…how nice! The Bristish always fighting for the truth, the human rights…alwaysy fighting for the…errrr…peace! what would we do without them!

Christian says:

… without them we would have a war in Iraq, for instance. The Defenders of Peace and Human Rights, and yet they claim a land which is thousand of miles away from their mainland. Argentina will not negotiate the Kelpers choice because that right was not given by an Argentinean Government, on the contrary it was imposed by the British illegal invasion of our territory. Malvinas Argentinas!

Martin says:
October 22, 2009 at 1:31 pm
Falkland Islander, with all respect to your opinion, I think the history you are mentioning has been written by British or Kelpers, which at least makes it suspicious to me. Of course it will tell what the UK wants!
Informed Reader – The Charrúas were the aborigenes living mostly in Uruguay. And I don’t dislike the British, I get along very well with them.

Dear Martin,

The history was indeed written by two Brits, and you have every right to be suspicious.
So please read it, research it, and disprove the contents.
Or are you scared at what you will find..?

To quote the publication from page 19 of the English language version – “4 were Charrúas indians from Uruguay” – so what is your point?

from a Falkland Islander

[…] rest is here: The Argentine Post » Blog Archive » Most Argentines Say Falklands … Share and […]

AlejandroNo Gravatar says:

On of the last comments is just fascinating. The empire that was at the forefront of promoting and benefiting from slavery around the world now talks about “anybody that wants to deprive British citizens such basic human rights as we have proved countless times.”

JamesNo Gravatar says:

The Malvinas Islands are Argentine, end of story

Dear James,

Are you like the rest……..?

Research it, investigate, enquire – don’t simply rely upon what you are told.

Find out, confirm, then confirm again.

Once you have done that, then it will be “end of story”.

The Falkland Islands will remain British forever, the sooner the Argentinians accept that the better, they lost the war – DEAL WITH IT !! RULE BRITANNIA!

The hypocrisy of the argentinians on here is laughable. You dont wish to negotiate the kelpers choice as it was not granted by the argentinian government ?????????? Since when did the argentine government dictate a people’s right to choose. You claim the moral highground with “colonialism” Britain “illegally occupies” THE FALKLANDS and so on, yet over 100 years later you TRY to do exactly the same, and of course, fail so miserably.

Just give it up, I’m sure you’ve more important things to be concerned about down there.

And just because you keep ending your statements with slogans in capitals doesn;t miake your claim any stronger.


Sadly a serius post turn out in something like this.
I am argentino, i just want to say some clarifications:
1.- I think that the island owners are the people who live in the island, i dont care if they are kelpers, english, or any country. Those who live there are the owners. Not is neither English nor the Argentine government.What sense make the rules of someone who is sitting kilometers away (both, british and argentinos) and do not really know the conditions of its people.
2.-I am against the oil exploitation on the island. Not because of who gets the money but because oil is found within the marine platform in Argentina and therefore it has sovereignty (read maritime sovereignty rights for each country that is part of the United Nations). For the correct exploitation there should be mutually agreed between the parties involved (kelpers and Argentine). I also prefer people to think a little more and spend less fossil fuel, but that is another matter. Is a doble edge sword, please look how many wars are located in the “oil land”, and how many wars started for just fuel.
3.- To the british people, i really admire your music, and a lot of yours traditions, but you can not say that your country is a country that has always defended the rights and sovereignty of the colonies.
The majority of the “frist word country” (just to counter quote: Falklands DONT WANT to be part of a third world country) live well because they consume most of the resources of the world, and of course the “third world countrys…” do not have the “right” to grow, because not everyone can be the “first world”. I say this only to clarify that unless we learn to tolerate and share, senseless wars will continue to exist. Count how many wars were in the Middle East over the past 30 years with the presence of soldiers who are not inhabitants of these lands.
A clarification: the term Third World was a political term for the non-aligned countrys in the times of the allies and Communists, misuse of the term led to be the third world equal to ” underdeveloped countries”

Dear Carlos,

One point I think I should make, in 2007 your former president repudiated the 1995 agreement.
Argentines should read that agreement to see what was repudiated.

best wishes from the Falkland Islands

CarlosNo Gravatar says:

About the agreement:
“1995 Hydrocarbons Agreement
Signed 27th September 1995 between the British and Argentine Governments, with active participation by the Falkland Islands Government. Agreed to designate part of the South West Atlantic as an Area of Special Co-operation, and to co-operate through the establishment of a Joint Commission in order to encourage the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the South West Atlantic by the offshore gas and oil industry. ”

The agreement say what i said before, it is a co-operation area, the current and a lot of previus president of argentina say things just to be part of the media, but that is not the regulation or the way the people in the country think. No other agreement that tried to deny cooperation obligation and what might have said the ex-president of my country has no real weight relating this subject. Unfortunately I could not find the written note criticizing the agreement. If you can send me a link I would appreciate it.
All the parts must be in mutual consensus for this kind of work, and that is what is written in the agreement

Thanks for the reply in and old post.

JohnNo Gravatar says:

My father fought in the 1982 war to liberate the islanders from foreign occupation.

If necessary, I myself will fight against Argentina, and naturally, we will again throw them back into the sea.

This is the will of the British people.

joaquínNo Gravatar says:

Let’s take first of all these idiocies of “my old lost an eye fighting the pirates Argentine Nazis occupy land” because I also could you say “the Argentines fought to defend the islands belonged by right to us” all that is relative
second, not if you got the mental capacity to understand that in the year 1833 there was a thing called a confederation Argentina (in democracy but we were not equal to) the islands (which I’m sure that if you stow the height of the island martin garcia and oil today if he had anyone rip their clothes for them) which since 1820 held estava of Argentina, were taken by an English fleet. tell me if it is not then I’m an idiot foreigner occupation
Argentines simply claims erence right of Spain (which the abandonment in the year 1811)
tell me, Are we the sons of bitches who attacked them for no reason?

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