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Buenos Aires Mayor Gives Green Light to Gay Marriage

November 15th, 2009 | Categoría: Politics

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Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri on Friday moved to allow a gay couple to get married in the city.

In a video published simultaneously on his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages, Macri said his government would not appeal a court order that allowed for gay marriage. The order, issued earlier in the week by Judge Gabriela Seijas, declared that two articles in the city’s civil code were unconstitutional. The ruling sets a new legal precedent in Latin America that allows for same-sex marriage, according to the city government.

Judge Seijas issued the ruling after a gay couple, Alex Freyre and José María Di Bello, asked the court to approve their marriage.

“We’ve decided not to appeal the ruling,” Macri said. “I feel this is a step forward. What we have to do here is learn to live freely without impinging upon the rights of others. This case is about allowing people to be happy based on their own decisions. We have to live together, accept this reality and realize that the world is moving in this direction. I’m happy that the government is not going to appeal this and I hope they will be happy together.”

Macri’s decision comes as some members of the Argentine Congress are pushing a bill that would allow for same-sex marriage nationwide.

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BeatrizNo Gravatar says:

Impressive! I am pleased, and feel proud, to see the country where I was born to move with the times.
First divorce, now gay marriage. Great! When will be the turn for legal abortion?… That will be one of the last grip the catholic church has upon the argentine society, isn’t it?

PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

Pleased and proud. Mr Macri sems to be the best –in a barrel of rotten apples

DiegoNo Gravatar says:

Wrong wrong movement just to collect an small amount of additional votes. With this erroneous act, you are just helping this society to convert on a none family oriented place to live.
Move to San Francisco is you want to marriage a gay, but don’t pervert the only pure thing the Argentinean society was still holding “the meaning of family”.

Argie says:

Macri, you simply rock!!! We need more people like you — a true porteno. Finally, you’re showing Argentina that families are made out of many different types of individuals and that marriage is not only for religious zealots. It’s a human right. I’m so excited to see someone like Macri respecting the rights of the individuals of this nation — which are violated most of the time.

Congratulations Alex (Alejandrito) for being the first one to achieve such milestone in gay rights!!!! I’m so proud of you Alex.

Diego says:

At least some countries are moving forward

HernanNo Gravatar says:

I support Macri in most of what he does, but I don’t think this is a good decision at all. In fact this makes me question if He has the values I expect a politician to have to let him lead me. (as an Argentine I should embrace my negativism and say “but then again, who does now days? I at least expected that from him)

There is nothing wrong with living a traditional life… I don’t understand why destroying the traditional family in Argentina is “going forward.” Forward where?

Gay people are great, and they did have already their Civil Rights in Argentina (Before anywhere in the Americas).

Why the necessity of making it on paper? Adoption? No body sees the danger of letting gay people create non-traditional families on purpose?

Gay culture needs to still develop and clean themselves from pornography, public sex, extreme sexual conduct, and adapt to society… (That we are all living in) It’s like they want us to change to support things like that. ‘Things like that’ leads society to places more dangerous than drugs and crime… because it takes us all of us there (you like it or not)

When gay rights activists who claim the rights to get married, adopt children, and shape society often go out on the streets to make their rights been heard. Often some of them dress in bright rainbow colors and sometimes even naked, which is how people are starting to identify the gay culture (naked guys, and rainbows)…

However, ‘they’ walk next to travesties who often dress like sex workers and laud extreme gay activist who are repeatedly portraying a pornographic culture.

Gays need their rights been clear. Against discrimination in any form, as any other human being.

But when fighting for their rights they need to know, understand, and make clear what is that they are fighting for: Are they for human civil equalization, or re they fighting for the right to have sex in the streets freely, prostitution, pornography, and be able to raise a child in that culture?

If so, if the latter is what they are fighting for, then they have to be ready for a a hell of a fight.

Argentina never was paradise, but I don’t think the average Argentine would want to terminate the last piece of goodness this beautiful country has.

I feel really strong about this… is not the country who needs a complete change of mentality; it’s also them who need to change to live harmoniously in this society.

Final word; why don’t we ask the people out there about this issue, if they prove me wrong on what Argentina wants, then I’ll shut up.

Argie says:

Hola Hernan — Good posting and I hear your point of view on this issue. However, I strongly disagree with your view because of:

Traditional vs. non-traditional marriage

Traditional marriage is not threatened and will not be destroyed — as you suggest– by the potential advent of gay marriage because no one is asking you to change how you live/experience your traditional marriage and no rights are being taken away from traditional couples. Gays are fighting for basic human rights like, any other good Argentino, and that is the right to marry and choose whoever they want, right to pensions, right form a family — we’re simply talking about the recognition of the civil rights that any Argentino gets under the umbrella of traditional marriage. At the end of the day, we’re all equal.

Gay people and civil rights

You say, “Gay people are great, and they did have already their Civil Rights in Argentina (Before anywhere in the Americas)” .

This is incorrect, gay people in Argentina did not have “Civil Rights”, rather recognition of civil union before any other place in the Americas. The state of California enacted domestic partnerships back in 1999 — while Argentina did not do anything until 2002. Civil unions are only recognized in four jurisdictions: the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Rio Negro, City of Villa Carlos Paz and the city of Rio Cuarto. Civil unions are recognized federally and do not provide the same rights as “traditional marriage”.

Gay culture stereotypes

Gay culture needs to still develop and clean themselves from pornography, public sex, extreme sexual conduct, and adapt to society…” Do you truly believe this? Really! This is a total one-sided view — not to say hypocritical at the least. How about the heterosexual world where they do exactly the same: love pornography, public sex????, oh yes, heterosexual people do have sex in public places such as public parks, in their cars but some reason seems to be ok. That’s call double standard.

Leading society to more dangerous places

Can you explain what do you mean by that? And how it can be possible? Argentina is already an extremely dangerous country — especially Bs. As — with all the crime happening from left to right and impunity being the reigning norm. People are being killed indiscriminately and assaulted 24/7. Do you truly believe that a loving and committed couple of gay gays or lesbians will make the already broken and dangerous argentine society worse. If so, explain why.

Making are civil rights claims clear

I believe that the claims for equality and civil rights are very clear. What part is not clear to you? Gay people are seeking for the recognition of the same marriage rights the heterosexual world gets — that’s pretty straight-forward.

What I think that you’re saying is that when gay activists are demonstrating on the streets, they should all be dressed in, perhaps, suits and ties so that other people would feel more comfortable when looking at them. Don’t you think that people should have the freedom to wear whatever they want when protesting or not? At least gay people are not violent. How do you feel when those mafiosos — and so call unions –protest blocking all the streets, breaking windows and vandalizing the entire city and putting society in danger? Tienen palos y piedras.

Living in harmony

Yes, the Argentina society deserves to live in harmony and that can be achieved by starting to respect the rights and lives of each citizen in the nation regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

Asking people about this issue

The rights of minorities need to be protected because they tend to be oppressed and violated by majorities. The whole point in democracies is to provide a balance and equality as well for every human being. For that very same reason, that’s why human rights laws do exist — to protect the minorities from oppression and violation of basic human rights.

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