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El Secreto de Sus Ojos Wins Oscar

March 7th, 2010 | Categoría: Entertainment

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El Secreto de Sus Ojos, Juan Jose Campanella’s film starring Ricardo Darín, won the Oscar Sunday for the Best Foreign Language Film of 2009.

Campanella said he was “stunned” by the award, saying it seems like “a lie” that’s too good to be true. Darín called the award “miraculous.” Darín also said he had seen the other films competing for the same award. How did see see them? He watched pirated copies of them, he said.

If you haven’t seen El Secreto yet, check it out. It’s well worth it.

Also be sure to check out a fun Newsweek interview that my buddy Brian Byrnes did with Darín here.

Juan Jose Campanella is an Argentine-born director of both local and international TV and films. He is perhaps most famous for directing El Hijo de la Novia, which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2001, though he has also directed episodes of U.S. TV shows such as House, 30 Rock and Law & Order.

Link: Official Movie Site
Link: YouTube Trailer (why it’s not available in HD is beyond me)

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CeciliaNo Gravatar says:

I really recomend this movy. It´s excellent.

rmartinNo Gravatar says:

I did not see this movie so cannot comment on it, but I find it thought provoking that a society in general which has such disdain for Americans and particularly the U.S. itself, still feels the need to be “validated” by it. It is like an insecure 10 year old constantly saying to her parents “Am I pretty? Really am I?” The local Argentine news carried this topic constantly last week. Seems hypocritical to me. What most Argentines fail to realize is that most Americans who even watched the Oscars last night could not tell you what foreign film won. It is very insignificant. Regardless….congratulations.

CeciliaNo Gravatar says:

Hello I am Uruguayan. I´m not share the previous comment because it does not seem of little significance that an argentinian movie won an Oscar. Obviously the actors, producers, and even the River Plate people makes us proud.
The film has nothing to do with Americans!!!
On the other hand, it is true that -in general- from this part of the world the people do not have a good concept of the “Americans” (from USA). But that is not happens only in Argentina. These are general ideas! Obviously there are good and bad “Americans”. On the other hand, I know many Americans who also do a critique of their own society.
So who are the hyporcrital??

CFNo Gravatar says:

As an American living in Argentina, I was very happy for Argentina ! We used to watch Argentine films when we lived in the US all the time. Many people in the US enjoy films from all over the world, Argentina included.
I cannot say that I have noticed any disdain for the US , coming from the people here, in the years we have lived here. . perhaps that is just something personal and not really experienced by many others.
I would not want anyone else to speak for me, in this matter or anything else, but I know that the statement regarding Americans (North?) not knowing who won and it being insignificant is just wrong and obviously based on ignorance.

rmartinNo Gravatar says:

Because you disagree with someone’s point of view, you should refrain from insulting them. I will not insult you or your comments although I disagree completely.
I have lived in Argentina for seven years and probably know more about Argentines than the VAST majority of foreigners here (tourists don’t count). Do you read statistics and surveys? Do you know anything about the history, politics and society in general? You may not be aware of it but there IS vast resentment here towards Americans and the U.S. in general. It may not be directed at you but if you listen closely to statements made you will see it. The comments made by so many people who have never even been to the U.S. amazes me. One cannot argue with someone who lacks the knowledge to argue intelligently about a topic.

CFNo Gravatar says:

rmartin, I am sorry you took offense at my comment.
You just can’t say or post that ” What most Argentines fail to realize is that most Americans who even watched the Oscars last night could not tell you what foreign film won. It is very insignificant. ” ….. this would have to mean that you spoke to “most” Americans and you are able to speak for them. That you did some sort of survey to base Your opinion on.
We are the only Americans in our building, we have warm and wonderful friendships with Argentine families here and we have heard and seen nothing like what you describe. Based on our experience here ( and that of my neighbor whose parents are Brits but they have lived here for about 15 years) , you might be just commenting on something you have heard or experienced but that is not the norm.
Too many Porteñoes have told us how much they like to visit or would like to visit the USA for me to take your critical remarks seriously.

CFNo Gravatar says:

I guess I should also add that we have relatives here .. Argentine relatives.

MArcelaNo Gravatar says:

Saw this movie last night: wonderful!
RMartin’s right, most American have not idea who won The Oscars for Best Foreign Film, the same Americans don’t even know where Argentina, or many other countries, are. But that doesn’t make the recognition of this movie insignificant. Many Americans could not even show you in a map where Irak is, but that doesn’t make the war insignificant, does it???? I’ve heard negative comments about Argentina and USA, here and there, many of them from people that have never visited either country. Maybe it’s time for people to get out there and see it for themselves…the world is a complex place and there is a lot we can learn from each other. I’m an Argentinian, living in USA for 20 years, moving back to BA in a year.

place, the culture and the people. Argentinias that visite

LucianoNo Gravatar says:

I have not seen the movie yet, so I cannot comment on it. However, I am very happy that an Argentina movie got an Oscar. It probably is not just luck since Campanella and this group of actors are getting awards pretty much with any movie that they make, are getting nominated (e.g., El hijo de la Novia).

I don’t share the opinion from rmartin. Yes, she/he might be right that mos Americans don’t know who won in the foreign film category. But because the “average” American doesn’t know about it it does not mean that is insignificant. The last comments about rmartin is when he/she writes “but I find it thought provoking that a society in general”which has such disdain for Americans…” My question is what is provoking? provoking hate, pain or what?
Anyways, I am Argentinean, living in the USA and married to and American. We are also moving back to Argentina in a couple of years, like Marcela.


Nina says:

Rmartin comments concerning disdain of Argentinian people towards Americans are so far from reality that I doubt he ever lived there.You will hardly experience a most friendly attitude and sincere interest towards foreigners than in Argentina.

I am Italian, I’ve lived in Paris, Barcelona, Rome, NY and Buenos Aires, and I never was better welcomed than there. And so say my American friends.

Guess you’ll have to learn to read statistics, rmartin. Anyway, most of the time numbers don’t really match with real everyday life. And governments strategies never represents peoples’ opinion.

Winning an Oscar is always good news. It’s the recognition of the most powerful film industry of the world and an economic impulse to Argentinian movie creation. Why would the joy of those people bother you?

The film is great. They really deserved the award and they got it.
You should see it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

AnonymousNo Gravatar says:

I can’t say enough about this film. The acting was stupendous. As a review in the Variety stated “mesmerizing”. That’s the word to describe it. I haven’t watched the AA’s for years but I tuned in just to see if “El Secreto” would win and it did. If you haven’t seen it do so you won’t be disappointed.

rmartin, I didn’t know what to think about the hype either but you put it into words perfectly. Some readers may translate your comments to be mean and nasty and that you’re bothered by their joy but I understand why you said what you did.

I don’t understand why some people want to deny that there is anomosity towards the USA and Americans in general in Argentina. rmartin’s comments do not take away the fact that they are friendly, warm people. I visit three months every year and I love my husband’s family and friends but it’s never been kept a “secret” (sic) from me by the family and friends during the past 20 years I’ve been visiting. They admit it outright but this doesn’t stop us from having a loving relationship and a great time with these wonderful people. It is what it is.

Nina, I guess you’ll have to read the two part article posted on this site regarding this topic. I believe Nov/Dec 2007. Very interesting.


and thank you Taos for the Argentine Post

rmartinNo Gravatar says:

First of all, I am an American and have lived in Buenos Aires for seven years. I came here willingly, full of optimism and a positive outlook. I previously have lived in Italy for 9 years, Germany for 2 and. of course, the U.S. Society here, in general is extremely jealous and envious of the U.S. Also the U.S. is the cause for most problems here which Argentines have created for themselves. ALWAYS blame someone else because no one here ever takes responsibility. Those that do not see, or have not witnessed anti-Americanism here are blind. Yeah, many people seem very friendly…that is because most people here view Americans as rich and there may be a quick way to get money out of them or overcharge them. Seen a million times myself and from other people as well. It’s just a movie and it is just my opinion.

PatriciaNo Gravatar says:

Yo no sé escribir en inglés, me apena mucho. Aún así espero que puedan leer mi comentario. Yo quiero dejar mi opinión como argentina.
No debe asombrar a nadie que en general haya cierta animosidad para con Estados Unidos, pues hizo mucho para establecer y mantener los gobiernos déspotas de derecha en toda latinoamerica.
Y su política exterior no siempre ha sido la mejor, ni ahora creo que lo sea.
Sin embargo se equivoca quien quiera generalizar, porque hay en este momento una fuerte puja entre la derecha y la izquierda. Y hay muchos argentinos que ven a los Estados Unidos como el modelo a seguir.
Esas cuestiones sin embargo no impiden que se aprecie el cine de Estados Unidos, así como otros aspectos de la cultura de ustedes.
Tampoco influye necesariamente para las relaciones personales, depende de cada persona.
Nuevamente perdón por no escribir en el idioma de ustedes. Me gustaría aprenderlo. Espero poder escribir en inglés muy pronto.
Con todo respeto. Mi opinión.

Laura BravoNo Gravatar says:

Te vengo siguiendo desde el Blog de Alejandro Rozitchner.
No me gustó El Secreto de tus Ojos, es una película correcta pero no mucho más.
A título personal creo que Haneke y su película, La Cinta Blanca debieron llevarse el Oscar pero es un premio a la industria Haneke ya ganó en Cannes.
Me parecen interesante el congelamiento del lenguaje en Heneke. Ahora llega al paroxismo porque, si bien, lo que no debía ser dicho se dice, de todas formas se enfrenta al vacío, a la nada. Palabras rebotando contra una pared. Más allá del contexto social en que se ubique la historia.
Fantástica tu web…
Sigo mirando…

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