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Cristina: ‘God Wanted Me to Be President’

May 26th, 2010 | Categoría: Humor


The above quote is from Argentine President Cristina Fernández last Friday.

In preparing for the country’s bicentennial celebration, she said,”The truth is that God wanted me to be president of the bicentennial.”

Dr. Lecter, the artist who made the above poster, kindly provided this for The Argentine Post.

The doctor regularly publishes his political humor at You can see his Perfil blog here.

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rmartinNo Gravatar says:

The lunacy of this moronic evil bitch never stops. I wonder if she even knows she is the laughing stock of the entire world or just simply a crack addict? Whatever the case, Argentina seems poised to re-elect her wonderful husband next year since all of the other political factions are fighting among themselves and no one has higher approval ratings. The “new” Venezuela. Lucky us.

CNo Gravatar says:

Wow … Martin said it best lol.
Makes you wonder though .. can things ever change ?

Nati and Annie says:

Embarrasing about having this incompetent and corrupt person as president of Argentina.

good! master of the master! congratulations!

God says:

I never said THAT !!!!!

sebaNo Gravatar says:


JuliusNo Gravatar says:

And the evil wanted me to be his wife!, she said

[…] by the Government Printing Office [and] mailed to you by the United States Postal Service.” Cristina: ‘God Wanted Me to Be President’[The Argentine Post] The above quote is from Argentine President Cristina Fernández last Friday. In […]

NoraNo Gravatar says:

Unbelievable? We’ve had many morons who have led the world to wars and murder. Are they morons or evil people? This is the question. What is their real purpose? I wonder. Who is lurking in the shadows? I am an expat in my own country! Nora

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