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California Burrito Company Opens Unicenter Store

July 20th, 2010 | Categoría: Culture


The California Burrito Company opened a new store Tuesday at the Unicenter shopping mall.

This is the seventh store for the makers of those delicious burritos and the American guys who started the company.

The CBC plans to open store No. 8 in Panama this week and No. 9 in Santiago, Chile next month.

For a look at how the company and a few other expat ventures got started, check out this feature I did for the AP in 2006.

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IvannaNo Gravatar says:

I love CBC Córdoba!

FrascoNo Gravatar says:

Congratulations Jordan! I hear that CBC has the best burrito in the world!

Jim BradfordNo Gravatar says:

I am moving to Buenos Aires in about 6 months and can hardley wait to try a burrito jajaja!!

Dave JNo Gravatar says:

Burritos!! Que tal!!!! Maybe Argentines will eat Peanut Butter one day.

ClaudiaNo Gravatar says:

When are you coming to Mendoza?!?!?!?!?!

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