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40% of Argentine Pregnancies End in Abortion

August 11th, 2010 | Categoría: Culture, Politics


An astonishing 40% of all pregnancies in Argentina end in abortion.

That, at least, is the conclusion of a report published this week by Human Rights Watch.

If it’s accurate, it puts Argentina’s abortion rate at about double the global average of around 20%, according to UN data.

It also almost doubles the 22% rate in the U.S., where about half of all pregnancies are unintended (this figure differs sharply depending on ethnicity).

According to this 2003 study of global abortion rates by The Lancet, Europe has the world’s highest abortion rate.

The Lancet study had this to say:

“There were an estimated 205 million pregnancies (livebirths, spontaneous miscarriages, stillbirths, and induced abortions) worldwide in 2003, of which about 20% ended in induced abortion. In eastern Europe, almost half of all pregnancies ended in induced abortion, whereas in northern America, one in five pregnancies ended in abortion. Even in regions where small proportions of pregnancies end in induced abortion, such as middle and western Africa, about one in ten pregnancies were terminated.”

This week’s Human Rights Watch study, which follows up on a similar one done in 2005, finds that reproductive health options, including access to healthcare and contraceptives, is lacking for many Argentine women and girls.

According to the study: “Until 1985 the sale and use of contraception was entirely prohibited in the country, and politicians and even medical service providers still justify actions that curtail women’s human rights by referring to a century-old maxim, ‘to populate is to govern.'”

Abortion is illegal in Argentina except in the case of rape. About 20% of maternal deaths in Argentina stem from problems related to illegally performed abortions, according to the report.

To see the study, click here.

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BeatrizNo Gravatar says:

I am all for abortion and I find interesting that Argentina accepts legality of gay/lesbian marriage but is behind in making abortion legal…
I following statement is incorrect:
“According to the study: “Until 1985 the sale and use of contraception was entirely prohibited in the country, and politicians and even medical service providers still justify actions that curtail women’s human rights by referring to a century-old maxim, ‘to populate is to govern.’”

Is that really what the study concluded?… Uhm…
I was born in BA and lived there till the late 70s. I was prescribed the pill then- I did not have any trouble getting the prescription filled. I have difficulties in believing that since then contraceptives are not prescribed …It could be wise to research the study mentioned and/or to post a link to it… Dr. Beatriz Ledesma

Eduardo GTNo Gravatar says:

Nazis justified homicides and abortion. Why not to kill demented patients, patients with Down, etc?
If you think abortion is progress check the homicide of the neonate in this video.

Dave JNo Gravatar says:

The cost of birth control has be a factor. Two years ago my wife’s younger sister became pregnant. She only took the pill after she had sex with her partner!!! Not because she didn’t understand the risks but because the pills are expensive. We paid for her to go to Bolivia after that and put in an IUD. Notice I said Bolivia, all Salteñas and Jujeñas go to there for cheap contraceptives.

Mandrake says:

I am against all of them.
Against lesbians- same sex marriage… abortions and contraceptives…
I believe I am just in the wrong site of the planet.
Disgusting….I still believe in the sacredness of churches and sinagoges….
And yes…I still believe in old fashion GOD.
Demeaning way of talking about women… Dave….??? .sending them to a lugar mas barato….
donde por menos plata rinden mas….talking about women or mules????

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