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Argentine Tourism Soars In August

October 17th, 2010 | Categoría: Travel


The number of people visiting Argentina soared in August.

Around 233,000 people flew into Argentina in August. That’s up almost 71% from the same month a year ago, when the global economy was mired in a deep financial crisis.

That’s good news for hotels, restaurants, milongas and tango shows that cater to tourists. It’s good news in general for the entire economy.

While here, tourists spent around $287 million, up almost 82% from a year ago, the national statistics agency, INDEC, reported Friday.

The average tourist spent almost $103 day, up 36% from the previous year.

Brazilians spent the most per day ($192) while other Latin Americans spent $105. Chileans spent about $175 a day while Americans shelled out $98.

On average tourists stayed almost 12 days in Argentina. Brazilians remained here an average of almost six days while Europeans were here for almost 25.

Four out of 10 visitors to Argentina in August were Brazilian.

The number of Argentines who traveled outside the country rose 19% in August, indicating people may have more money to travel – or at least are more willing to spend it – than a year ago.

INDEC’s measurement is based on the number of non-resident visitors who arrive to the country via Ezeiza and Aeroparque airports.

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samNo Gravatar says:

I think what is missing here is that the swine flu outbreak was in full swing in August 09 — thousands canceled trips to Argentina.

taosNo Gravatar says:

Yes, excellent point, indeed.

StaffordNo Gravatar says:

Sam has a very good point

StaffordNo Gravatar says:

Also the Brazilians are doing a lot of shopping here with their strong Real. The official language of Galaria Pacifico seems to have changed to Portuguese!

MarissaNo Gravatar says:

As Argentinean in constant relation with tourist and as a traveler myself I got to know what makes this city a huge attraction. First thing it comes to mind is Evita and Maradona, but to tell you the truth there is a bunch of more important things than that. If we continue thinking about Buenos Aires, porteños, Argentina…..Asado, football, Tango and the unbelievable night life is mostly known by all of us. That’s more interesting in my opinion. In fact we are getting closer to know the beauty of Buenos Aires. If we combine all of this with a great architecture, the never-ending movement of the city and all the types of shops you want, you will see that there is – let’s say almost – nothing impossible here.
It’s a city of contracts and possibilities.
Including low prices and lots of sales ofcourse! lol

Hope you enjoy your trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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