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Happy Thanksgiving to All

November 25th, 2010 | Categoría: Humor, Other


May each and every one of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for your readership, your interesting and intelligent comments and your generous feedback. As always, I appreciate it. Thank you!

If you don’t already have Thanksgiving meal plans, the very-American restaurant Kansas (even their toilets are imported from the U.S.) offers excellent Turkey and Pecan pie options today only. Their complete Thanksgiving Day meal costs 75 pesos.

You can see their Turkey-Day menu here.

But they fill up fast and don’t take reservations, so get there early.


*Next year I’ll have a new Thanksgiving Day joke :)

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Josephine says:

GOD BLESS unites states of AMERICA.

LolyNo Gravatar says:

God bless USA and happy thanksgiving to all! Thanksgiving holiday is the day that we in the USA give thanks for our freedom and all the blessings that come along with being free. Thank you Taos for this unique Argentine Post where all reporting is done with professionalism, honesty and fairness. You are a great example of what the USA is all about.
Since we are 5 hours ahead of California time I will be calling my family soon to say hello to all and wish I were there celebrating my favorite holiday. Turkeys will be happy to know that I will be here in Bs As having beef tonite!

As with all holidays, I find myself explaining them to my Argentine friends quite often, this one is no exception. However when it comes to their holidays, they often times, cannot explain to me what they are for. Perfect example is the “New” holiday we had last week. I asked 20 different people, and no one could tell me what it was for, I had to wikipedia it to get the answer.

AmbNo Gravatar says:

That is because they keep adding holidays to the Argentine calender that people has a hard time keeping up with them. They say, as long they don’t need to work is all good. Who cares what holiday it is; and I am sure that if you ask any American what are each of the holidays we celebrate not all of them will know.

AndiNo Gravatar says:

Feliz dia de gracias, love the comic!!!

ErinNo Gravatar says:

Explaining Thanksgiving can be tricky as I learned today when I ended up in a heavy conversation about Native Americans with my boss. Thank you Argentine Post for all the great articles!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too !
I am grateful to you for keeping me up on what in the world is going on here!
I am considering changing Thanksgiving and Christmas to July , when we can bundle up in sweaters and have the oven on for hours and enjoy the holiday cheer.
If my neighbors think we are crazy, then at least it will be with good wine and baked goods :)

samNo Gravatar says:

I’m all for birthdays and anniversaries, but I don’t observe “holidays” anymore as I find them to be arbitrary excuses for consumer foolishness (humbug!).
And yes, it IS a “retarded translation” so I just say “dia de gracias”. Cheers.

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