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Photo Post: Covering-up Choripan Inflation

March 22nd, 2011 | 04:44 PM


By Katia Porzecanski

There’s a great deal of irony at play in the way this business is covering up older prices to reveal its newer, higher price. Despite the government’s best efforts to cover up official signs of inflation, the kinds of covering-up vendors do tell a different story. All over Argentina we see prices scratched out and rewritten or sheets of paper or stickers covering obsolete price tags. Some restaurant owners have even resorted to printing priceless menus.

The government says prices are up 10% from a year ago, but virtually all economists find this estimate risible. They say inflation totals about 25% annually. Economists use the word inflation when talking about rising prices, but government officials, including Economy Ministry Amado Boudou and President Cristina Fernandez, refuse to do this. Instead, they talk about an “immense dispersion of prices.”

Whatever you call it, prices are up across the board, as this photo shows.

*Katia Porzecanski is an economist and writer in Buenos Aires


Want Something from Abroad? Hire a Mule!

March 18th, 2011 | 05:40 AM


Have you ever wanted something that you just couldn’t find in Argentina?

Ever been jonesing for some pancake mix or syrup or some cool item like an iPad 2, a Zoom microphone or a Canon EF 55mm lens?

The Mule Pool hopes to be your solution.

The Mule Pool is an online exchange that connects buyers with travelers (mules) so you can get what you want. You pay a mule to bring it to you. Or, say you’re traveling and want to make some extra cash. You could mule something back for somebody else. How does it work?

1) You tell The Mule Pool what you want.
2) Mules review open requests and determine how they can help.
3) You (the buyer) put your money into an escrow account. The Mule Pool guards the money until it’s sure your product was delivered.
4) You arrange to meet the mule.
5) Once you confirm to The Mule Pool that transaction has been carried out, the mule gets paid. (more…)


Listen to, Record Argentine Radio on Your iPhone

March 5th, 2011 | 06:36 AM


A stellar new iPhone App lets you listen to and record your favorite radio shows in Argentina.

The Radio Argentina App, created by 24/7 iPhone Apps, is easy to use. You can listen to and record live radio or even configure the App to work as a radio alarm.

You can also program it to record shows for you on a timer.

This is a perfect tool for journalists or anyone else who wants or needs to listen to news radio shows, etc.

The App can even display song names while you’re streaming music to your phone.

The company was kind enough to give away 10 free Apps to Argentine Post readers.

If you’d like a free one, just send an email to me

Or click here and buy it for US 99 cents on iTunes.

Here are some of the App’s features:

✔ Alarm Clock
✔ Sleep Timer
✔ Search by radio name
✔ Graphic Equalizer
✔ Favorites list
✔ History of last played stations
✔ Regular updates over the air
✔ Customer service support
✔ Song title and artist name (when available)
✔ iPhone 4 Retina Display icon
✔ Recording
✔ Facebook & Twitter support
✔ Advanced Alarm Manager – Multiple Alarms, Day Selection, iPod music / Radio station and more
✔ Transfer Recordings to your computer with iTunes USB File Sharing (iOS 4.x)
✔ “Wifi only” On/Off switch (setting can be found in the main setting app under Radio
✔ Airplay support (Tested on Apple TV)
✔ YouTube clip for the currently playing song
✔ Automatic recordings: set an alarm to start a recording


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