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The Buenos Aires Herald Goes On Strike (Updated)

May 11th, 2011 | Categoría: Economics, Other


About two dozen journalists at the 135-year-old Buenos Aires Herald went on strike Monday, demanding higher wages and better working conditions.

As of late Wednesday, the journalists were still on strike, having rejected a 3% retroactive pay hike for 2010 and a 10% raise for 2011.

The Herald, Argentina’s only major English-language newspaper, gained international recognition for its courageous coverage of disappearances and other dastardly deeds during the country’s 1976-1983 military dictatorship.

“Unfortunately we haven’t been able to reach an agreement about salaries,” said Judith Rabinovich, a spokeswoman for the Buenos Aires Press Workers Union, or UTPBA. “We’ve had a lot of patience with these negotiations, which have been going on since January.”

Journalists at the Herald typically make somewhere between 2,300 (US $563) and 4,000 pesos a month, with the average likely being closer to 2,700 pesos.

“There’s a big difference between what Herald workers make and what reporters at other papers make,” Rabinovich said in a phone interview. “These salaries are very low. But these are very qualified reporters who speak two languages.”

Herald employees are seeking a 35% salary hike for 2011, putting the basic salary at the paper at around 4,100 pesos a month, she said.

The vast bulk of economists in Argentina estimate that inflation totals somewhere in the neighborhood of 25% annually. Most major unions have obtained annual salary hikes of between 20% and 30%, and often higher, in recent years.

“The company is very far from satisfying that request and making a deal,” he added.

The Herald is owned by the same publishing company that owns the financial daily Ambito Financiero. Despite the strike, Rabinovich said a reduced version of the paper is being published.

Union reps are set to meet with management Thursday at the Labor Ministry to try and reach a a settlement. A spokesman for the Herald’s management could not be reached immediately for comment.

UPDATE: The Herald workers on Thursday suspended the strike in hopes of reaching an agreement soon with management.

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ADNo Gravatar says:

If I’m not confused The BA Herald and Ambito Financiero, both belong to Szpolski’s Group, which is supported disproportionately by government’s advertising.

mandysNo Gravatar says:

Shouldn’t there be no disproportion in gov’t’s advertising now with the ‘Ley de medios’? How unfair.

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lalaNo Gravatar says:

You are confused. The Herald belonged to Sspolski but was bough by AmFin in 2009, it belongs to Vignatti.

lalaNo Gravatar says:

believe me, they do NOT belong to S. the herald used to belong to him, ambito never did.
but they do get a lot of gov’t advertisement.

EmpedoclesNo Gravatar says:

Depends….how many hours per day each one works?
Per-diem? part-time?
Don Vignatti, a truck driver makes more….
Anyway, the canasta basica has gone to the sky-
And two languages are two languages.
Mantain this news paper.
It was already there when I was born

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