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New Argentine Lunfardo Video: Hinchapelotas

June 26th, 2011 | Categoría: Travel


While cleaning up an old hard drive today, I found some old slang video footage.

So I took a few minutes and edited it into another “Scooping Argentina” lunfardo lesson.

“Hinchapelotas” is a rather crass, negative expression. But it’s also one that’s used fairly frequently on the streets of Buenos Aires.

So it’s worth knowing, even if you don’t use it yourself. It’s not something you’d want to say in a formal setting or with people you don’t know well.

A rough translation would be something like “pain-in-the-ass.” More literally, it would be akin to “ball-breaker.”

If you’re lucky, you’ll never hear anyone apply the expression to you!

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AlanNo Gravatar says:

Wonderful. Anytime you want to make more, they will be appreciated.

taosNo Gravatar says:

Thanks, Alan. Appreciate your positive feedback. Saludos!

martinNo Gravatar says:

hey, wouldn’t “hinchapelotas” literally mean something like “ball swell-er” (does it even exist???) or some like that? Ball-breaker would be rompe pelotas. In any case, I don’t want to be either with this post. It was a fun video to watch. Keep ’em coming! =)

DebbieNo Gravatar says:

Excellent. Would love to learn more of these unique Argentine slang expressions. This type of thing would be helpful when talking to my friends in Argentina – some from BsAs and others from Mendoza. Not sure if the same expressions are used in both areas – ?
mil de gracias!

EricNo Gravatar says:

-If you’re lucky, you’ll never hear anyone apply the expression to you!
You will…

hernanNo Gravatar says:

hehehehe….que grande!

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