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Tears Flow as River Plate Loses, Drops to B League

June 26th, 2011 | Categoría: Sports


Countless thousands of Argentines stood in total disbelief Sunday as one of the country’s greatest soccer clubs lost a key game and dropped out of the nation’s top soccer league.

Club Atlético River Plate did what almost nobody expected. It played so poorly this season it lost its spot in the league and will be forced to play  next season in the “Nacional B” minor league.

To put River’s misery into context, this has never happened in the club’s 110-year history.

River’s loss was a catastrophic blow to the hearts of passionate River fans.

Página 12 journalist and River loyalist Fernando Krakowiak described it this way via Twitter:

“I feel as if a loved one died and I don’t need anyone coming to tell me how I should be feeling about it.”

Before the game, Krakowiak had said he was an atheist but that he was praying for River.

“This represents a before and after in the history of Argentine soccer,” said Alejandro Fantino, a television sports analyst who hosts the popular Show del Fútbol.

By Sunday night pundits and talking heads were already debating the political ramifications of the game and violence that ensued afterwards. One policeman was reportedly killed in incidents following the game.

Fans trashed the Monumental stadium while in some cases hapless police stood-by.

Should fans have been allowed into the stadium to watch the game? Should the government have sent in more police? How could River have sunk so lo so fast? Does the club have millions of dollars or millions in debt? Where is its money? Should the club’s president quit or be fired?

The government, which owns the broadcast rights to major-league soccer games through its Futbol para Todos program, doesn’t have the right to broadcast Nacional B games. Could this benefit Grupo Clarin and its sports channel TyC Sports, which can broadcast the games? Will the government tolerate this?

Maybe it was all a conspiracy from the beginning to help Clarin, one of the government’s top enemies?

These are just some of the questions people are asking about River’s historic loss. The debate has only just begun.

*Photo from Télam

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John GarganNo Gravatar says:

As a massive River Plate fan since I was young, I am gutted! :( But I think this will teach them to keep their house in order and stop stealing all the money!

luciaNo Gravatar says:

To put it into context (even more?)… I support another team and used to watch River Plate matches just because they played so well… it was pleasant to watch! This was less than 10 years ago!
But at the same time, I support Racing! We stopped existing once and nothing beats that… not even dropping leagues or anything else I can think of!!!!!
River fans: it’s not THAT bad! and it can get better, I don’t think it’ll go as bad as it did for Ferro for example, you are bigger than that.

Mandrake says:

No one talking about the death of people? the explosion out of control of so many fans
It is incredible, no one is in jail?
No one has enough brains to cancell the whole seasson for a year?
Evidently this is the only way to keep this generation flatly occupied into something other than politics.
All these people that doesntt work….doesnt care, and never think where is the money that they all get….coming from?
We pay for all of them.

luciaNo Gravatar says:

Mandrake, I don’t get your point. Why cancelling the season? The rest of the teams aren’t to blame… Plus I didn’t know people had died other than the old guy that died from a heart attack on the 19th match of the season. And people can definitely be (and actually are) into both football and politics. What I can’t believe either is that no one is in jail…there were a lot of crimes committed that night but well… That would be my only objection.

John GarganNo Gravatar says:

Mandrake, I agree that it’s all a joke! I think it’s shameful the amount of blatant corruption going on in the Argentinian game! … in saying that, it also exists in all the football leagues all over the world. Here in the UK the Pom’s are also corrupt, just not so openly! Those guys that threatened the ref should go into the slammer!

samNo Gravatar says:

What a bunch of utter nonsense and an obscene waste of time and resources.

John GarganNo Gravatar says:

Sam, call of the thread mate! 😀

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