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Argentina Bans Sex Ads in Newspapers

July 5th, 2011 | Categoría: Culture, Politics


Bad news for all the hookers and pimps out there.

President Cristina Kirchner signed a decree banning the publication of sex ads in local newspapers.

Kirchner said the decree will help end discrimination against women who are “humiliated” through sexual exploitation and objectification.

Prostitution is legal in Argentina and Kirchner indicated she wouldn’t do anything to change this, saying she won’t penalize women for exercising the world’s oldest profession. Click here for a post I did back in 2007 about the legality of prostitution in Buenos Aires.

“Let it be clear: We’re never going to condemn any woman because most of the time they don’t choose the life that they’re living,” she said in a speech Tuesday.

But Kirchner indicated the decree offers another added benefit, at least from her point of view. Newspapers, she said, make a lot of profit by selling sex ads to prostitutes.

By banning the ads, Kirchner has taken away another source of income from the ever-despised coup-mongering, opposition media like Grupo Clarin.

Of course, banning the publication of sex ads may do little to prevent the kinky skin-friction business from thriving. Countless local websites offer opportunities (warning: this is a graphic, XXX link) for prostitutes to reach their clientele.

Some local whorehouses even use Google Maps to woo Johns into their pleasure palaces.

The ban on newspaper ads seems so old-school when today’s pleasure pushers are so Web 2.0.

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KyleNo Gravatar says:

There was an opposition project on human trafficking coming through the legislature that covered this, but Cristina and Co. wanted it for themselves.

“I thank the President for taking our project in order to elaborate the decree,” said opposition deputy Fernanda Gil Lozano, with just a bit of irony.

taosNo Gravatar says:

Thanks for that, Kyle. It’s an interesting point. Kirchner has been doing that a lot lately, taking bills already presented in Congress and then presenting them as her own, without giving anyone else credit or even allowing Congress to do its work.

That’s because she doesn’t know what she’s doing

JossNo Gravatar says:

A representative of the prostitutes union (AMAR) in Córdoba yesterday pointed out that it’s actually good news for the pimps. The ads in papers were a way that the prostitutes have of advertising themselves independently. Taking this away makes them more dependent on pimps for finding their clients, increasing the probability of them being exploited.

its to funny, with this things, its a way to put a patch to the problem, the goberment need to do other things to finish the prostitution

Mandrake says:

Knowing the base, you know the high

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