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Fibertel Behind Schedule With Faster Internet Plans

August 10th, 2011 | Categoría: Technology


Argentina’s leading cable TV provider, Cablevisión, has fallen behind on plans to launch its new ultra-fast Internet service.

A Cablevisión official had said back in February that it planned to increase download speeds by up to 10 times in the first half of 2011.

But we’re now in the second half of the year and Cablevisión’s Internet unit, Fibertel, still doesn’t know when it will be able to offer the service.

Fibertel plans to offer the faster service by deploying the DOCSIS 3.0 modem technology already used in the U.S.

But a Fibertel official said no deployment date is available.

That raises questions about how ready Argentina will be for the planned arrival of Netflix, the video streaming company, which said it will offer its service in Argentina by the end of the year. Netflix requires fast Internet access, especially for HD content.

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Peter JKNo Gravatar says:

“Cablevision” operates in Buenos Aires — not in the rest of Argentina. The misnomer is not unusual, but makes as much sense as reporting news from New York as “… in the United States … (whatever) …). .

This cable TV company has opposed the current government: President, cabinet. ministers and sundry appointees/ which may have something to do with it all.

I’m living here (in a small town six hundred miles away. and this m ” Buenos Ares” as “Aegentina” confusion is quite damaging in many ways: please try to be careful. I’m not here for long but right now, I am, and see the damage ths is ding.

taosNo Gravatar says:

Hi Peter,

Actually, Cablevision offers its service not just in Buenos Aires but in almost 100 cities across twelve provinces in Argentina. It also offers cable in Paraguay and Uruguay.


CNo Gravatar says:

I guess I have lived here long enough to read news items then forget about them, then be pleasantly surprised when something actually happens.
I had no idea Netflix was going to be here, thanks to the new service..
My visitors will be thrilled too, they are getting weary of carrying DVDs down to us on each visit..

Peter JKNo Gravatar says:

Thanks for the correction,Taos.
Fibel and it’s associate cable tv co does telrcover the main cities. and some more! I would be truly a blessing to see the service to smaller towns — some as low as 200K (yesj, ” K” bps). This in the Calamuchitan area, in the “sierra (mountains, hills and valllies), where wireless is, I think, would be more suitable — implimented n some areas).

Same, Fibertel’s initiative is most promising! I will return to UK, perhaps with a stint in NJ, US

I have the 6MB Internet Service and is really slow… We really need faster services! thankx 4 the post!

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