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Claro Unveils 50 Megabit Internet Service

September 20th, 2011 | Categoría: Technology


Claro, Argentina’s leading cell phone company, is rollling out a new 50 megabit, fiber optic broadband service.

The service is the fastest currently available for Argentine households, Claro said in a statement Tuesday.

“This new technology is already available in 3 de Febrero, Morón, Vicente Lopez, Avellaneda and Berazategui, where it currently offers 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 and 50 megas…,” Claro said.

The announcement comes just days after Grupo Clarin started offering its own 30 megabit service, known as Fibertel Evolution.

Fibertel Evolution uses a fiber optic network to deliver broadband to nodes located around the country and likely in your neighborhood (fiber to the node, or FTTN). The nodes then delivery Internet access to households using traditional coaxil cables. (Read more about Fibertel Evolution here.)

Claro said its “fiber to the home” or FTTH service is 100% fiber optic. Both carriers can increase speeds if demand calls for it.

Claro is expanding its coverage area not just in Greater Buenos Aires but also in Argentina’s interior, where some 300,000 homes already have access to the company’s fiber optic network. Claro’s service also allows for fixed-line telephone plans.

Initially, at least, the service will be limited to the areas listed above, making it a competitor to Fibertel Evolution only in select neighborhoods.

After years in the wilderness of painfully slow Internet access, the race for blazingly fast broadband is finally on in Argentina. Here’s to faster surfing for all!

For more information about Claro’s service, click here. For more about Fibertel Evolution, click here.

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Ronald says:

That Claro site is a complete mess, just spend 5 minutes there trying to find an overview of prices per speed, and all I could find was ‘Internet hasta 50 Megas con planes desde $69’ which doesn’t mean anything. It almost seems like they don’t want new customers.

Ronald says:

lol! Same for Fibertel! What is wrong with those companies?

SantiagoNo Gravatar says:

Muy lindo el artículo pero no pueden poner “Argentina’s interior”!! me están cargando!?
Hasta en inglés le dicen interior al resto del país, una vergüenza… mucho inglés pero cero federalismo!

StaffordNo Gravatar says:

Like many Argentine sites, the Fibertel one is sexy, 100% Flash, and has catchy soundtrack to boot. But its completely useless. No meaningful information like pricing. Great…

MarcosNo Gravatar says:

Claro, the worst cell phone company in argentina. Almost sure it will be the worst ISP too.

MAMBRU says:

i WANTED TO SAY NOTICIAS MAGAZINE, where I read that this guy has a gun all the time.
And even shows the gun to few people as a way of intimidation.
Just wonder Mrs. Garre is not thinking and covering at all times for the safety of the people….

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