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Netflix Now on Apple TV, iPad & iPhone in Argentina

December 14th, 2011 | Categoría: Entertainment


Netflix confirmed on Wednesday that it’s popular video and TV streaming service now works on Apple TV, iPhones and iPads in Argentina.

Can you do that, Cuevana?

On a related note, my buddy Brian Byrnes over at CNN recently interviewed Cuevana founder Tomas Escobar in English. You can see the video here.

Cuevana, of course, is the underground free video site that allows users to watch videos and TV series on their computers. The site has come under increasing pressure from production companies who say it’s an entirely illegal service.

Escobar claims Cuevana is akin to Google and simply puts users into contact with media content that is hosted elsewhere.

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FabianNo Gravatar says:

You CAN watch movies from Cuevana in iPads and iPhones. Just browse for Movid.
I would surely pay Netflix if it had movies from THIS century in HD and with subtitles. But I took the one month trial and there was nothing interesting for me to watch.
Kind regards,

Fabian Waibschnaider

samNo Gravatar says:

Exactly Fabian!

I gave Netflix I one month trial too and their launch was nothing less than an embarrassment —- U.S. movies from the 80s (some dubbed in Portuguese) — how wonderful!
I consider it an insult to Latin America by a totally out of touch company.

SigfridoNo Gravatar says:

Living in Argentina, having international credit cards, related to banks in Europe, makes it impossible to join Netflix here (I have tried and I have called them). In the US Netflix is very interesting, offering the latest movies. So now I know what it looks like in Argentina (US movies from the 80s), I am not disappointed and frustrated anymore. Thanx Sam!

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