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Al Jazeera Video: Argentina’s Emerging Drug War

January 10th, 2012 | Categoría: Other, Politics

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Argentina’s growing drug problem represents a major threat to the kind of peaceful political and social stability the country has enjoyed, with infamous exceptions, in recent decades.

Experts say crushing the threat early is crucial to overcoming it before related violence and corruption infect public officials and police forces as they have in other countries. Once the problem has corrupted a country’s judicial system, it is exponentially harder to eradicate.

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Serafic says:

New inaugurations are all a waste of time
First we must have inaugurations of detox centers, in every other street.
To make a baker act type of thing. A yes or yes voluntary-involuntary admission for all the people on drugs.
As long as they permeate all the city streets in a inhuman caotic way, redy to pass out, we are living in a nightmare.
These people are like time bombs, unable to take responsability.
The killings and horrors that we see today, will continue.
All these people need to stay in loked wards, until treatmen is finsih

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