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David Cameron On Argentina Falklands Dispute

January 24th, 2012 | Categoría: Politics

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This is footage of British Prime Minister David Cameron discussing the controversial dispute with Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falklands Islands.

Last week Cameron made the following remarks, which set off a firestorm in Argentina:

“”What the Argentinians have been saying recently, I would argue, is actually far more like colonialism because these people (who live on the islands) want to remain British and the Argentinians want them to do something else.”

Argentines reacted furiously, saying that no British prime minister has the “moral authority” to make such a statement given England’s own colonial history.

What do you think? Which position is correct? Which is more democratic? Does it matter?

Here’s a summary of the dispute by Al Jazeera.

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CandiceNo Gravatar says:

The crowds were bussed in and given their flags and firecrackers and Pueyrredon and Las Heras were a mess today …

I am an Anglo-argentine who did national service in the argentine army and swore allegiance to the argentine flag. Like many anglos we believe that historically the Falklands/Malvinas belong to Argentina. However, since Peron’s days successive argentine governments have botched negotiations of reaching some kind of sovereign agreement (1970’s) and that eventually ended with their frustration that turned into an invasion and war. The far reaching negative consequences are detrimental to what was historically a great relationship between two nations with far reaching binds that have now gone. Argentina’s present ‘attitude’ of beligerance is unacceptable and will only cause further unnecessary friction that will lead nowhere. If anyone is interested I wrote a novel called THE GOA FILE ( that highlights the real conflict.

John GarganNo Gravatar says:

Argentina should worry about sorting their own backyard out first and let these people decide who they want to be governed by! In saying that, Las Malvinas is blatantly Argentinian by geography and therefore any profits from oil should be split with the Argentinian people!

DavidNo Gravatar says:

Christina should declare it a National Holiday. Seriously, get over it and get on with solving the countries more pressing problems.

BillNo Gravatar says:

When I lived in Argentina, I can tell you that they regard those islands as theirs and they still think they won the war! Geographically, they should claim them because they did actually win their war of independence from British rule back in the early 1800s. It would be like Britain still claiming Staten Island after all this time.

JulianNo Gravatar says:

Bill, just for you to know, Argentina got their independence from Spain, not Britain. Their were just expulsed (twice) in the early 1800’s when they tryed to invade the territory. It’s funny that now Cameron says that Argentina has a colonialism attitude. I believe that England should accept all the statements from the UN and try to dialogue with the Argentinian government.

CandiceNo Gravatar says:

Someone left a note to Cameron , actually more than one, on the walls of some nice apartment buildings off of Pueyrredon in Recoleta.
There was a “demonstration” yesterday.
They took a while gathering, all the school buses pulling up and dropping off the “volunteers” .. After they blocked a street, caused horrendous traffic, made a lot of noise with firecrackers, they marched from one side of the street to the other .. The biggest impact aside from traffic was the graffiti on buildings that were recently cleaned and painted.
Then their rides picked them up and they all went home .

JulianNo Gravatar says:

I think we, argentinians, did wrong by going to the war in a first place. Although is clear that Malvinas belong to Argentina, we had a military government that was not elected by the people, that took the war as an oportunity to try to cover up their own trash.

DivadNo Gravatar says:

The issue is, the Malvinas were never really Argentine, were they. I’m not sure what claims the British can have over the surrounding oilfields (this surely must be negotiated rather than fought over), but if the few thousand people on the otherwise inconsequential islands wish to remain under the sphere of Britain, then so be it. Britain doesn’t want another war any more than Argentina ‘need’ to impose themselves on an island of little relevance. There are surely much more important issues facing both countries.

Mandrake says:

If we get invaded, which is not an impossible, due to our incapacity to fight for more than an hour and a half, terribly situations will come to us.
People will have to get out and work.
The trains will come out of the museums and after being fixed will work again.
And yerba mate will be just for export.
People wil learn to take tea at five o clock

stephenNo Gravatar says:

Just maybe the efforts should be winning the hearts and minds of the people of the Falklands/Malvinas Islands. They surly would be better off having government and peoples near to them in the southern hemisphere rather than a far off place up north.
The benefits of trade, more local access to facilities and a vision and a future for their children.. Instead all I hear is rhetoric… What else could the British government say?? We will give Sovereignty to Argentina no matter what the local population want ?? The world is a better place with democracy. The people should decide! give them options!!

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