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Photo: Cristina Kirchner and the Cult of Personality

February 3rd, 2012 | Categoría: Politics


Look carefully at the mural hanging just behind Interior Minister Débora Giorgi.

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John GarganNo Gravatar says:

It’s just a bloody painting!… in fairness, the Argies do have an infatuation with anything cult re political personalities, eg Peron etc

JorgeNo Gravatar says:

Do not overgeneralize, John. There are many Argentineans like me who do not approve of this way of doing politics.

Julia AmanteNo Gravatar says:

There are also pictures of the Kirchners to the right – perhaps the room is typically filled with images of the current president?

GabyNo Gravatar says:

NO, a la derecha jamás….

BeatrizNo Gravatar says:

HI Julia,

it’s not usual to hang the pictures of the current president. It only was like that during the Peron time…

CNo Gravatar says:

LOL, usually there will be a painting or photo of a President/a but more of a formal portrait .. That one is sort of funny, what kind of fantasy setting is that ?

GabyNo Gravatar says:

un ajuste de la fantasia mas informal, espero. 54 % de argentinos celebramos esta “informalidad”; ya tuvimos bastante “disciplina”. Se entiende, no ?

Mandrake says:

I do not know what really is.
Not a picture or a landscape at all.
But aside of that She looks constipated to me

Me da mucha verguenza que esta foto circule por todo el mundo. ¿Cuan bajo, cuan arrastrado se puede ser? ¿Que se puede esperar de una presidente que tolera que se la adule de esta manera? Y lo peor: ¿Que se puede esperar de un pueblo que vota una y otra vez a estos engendros?

BangBangBillNo Gravatar says:

Play this loud…..I tell you 1+1 is 3

PeterNo Gravatar says:

Eerie reminiscence to North Korea…

DavidNo Gravatar says:

I guess most or all of you have not been to a US Postal Office or any US government office before. Talk about cults and photos thereof.

JayNo Gravatar says:

That’s not the same that a just a picture, it’s like deify a politician fugure. Search for the Marcos dictators in Philippines, you will find the same.

Che, miráte esta foto de Barney Frank y hacéte un post que sea “Barack Obama and the cult of personality”.

Y, más grave aún, es un miembro del Congreso…

John GarganNo Gravatar says:

Great link! Thanks for sharing that!

MarkNo Gravatar says:

The difference is that in the US or Europe politicians do not use state funds to promote themselves, something which CFK and her supporters shamelessly do.

Martin says:

Mark : I wonder if you can probe this statement? … and have you heard about a guy called Michael Moore?

AngieNo Gravatar says:

It makes me sick
I can’t resist seeing “him” or “her” everywhere anymore.

As per today says:

News and foros are being closed, blocked, today.
You can no longer read Tribuna de periodistas, urgente 24, info exclusivo, el atrilero, etc.. and more are going to be closed by the current management.
Argenzuela is coming.
A paso de escola de zamba, argenzuela is coming to us

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