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Tax Agency Temporarily Closes Kansas Bar & Grill

February 9th, 2012 | Categoría: Other, Travel


Argentina’s tax collection agency, AFIP, closed Kansas Bar & Grill, a hugely popular American-style restaurant, for three days. AFIP said the branch, located in Pilar, broke the law by not offering receipts to customers.

I’ve eaten many times at Kansas in Palermo and San Isidro and have always been offered receipts. AFIP did not close those branches.

The restaurant will be open again on February 11, AFIP said.

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DiegoNo Gravatar says:

Most likely, they were offering the customers complimentary Clarin or La Nacion news papers and some “K boy” didn’t like it.
If is for the receipt, they would have to close half of Buenos Aires’s stores.

ptolemyNo Gravatar says:

…I have to agree with Diego. I can’t count the number of times I haven’t been offered a receipt in this city. AFIP must be lazy. Think of all the taxes they’ve missed. AFIP only go after the big dogs or anything that is not part of the CFK model.

David GlenNo Gravatar says:

Even though they didn’t get a receipt, that doesn’t mean that the sale wasn’t entered into the system. Most people pay by credit card in these big restaurants so AFIP is getting plenty of their share. They probably didn´t offer enough of a bribe to the inspectors, everybody here knows that they go around collecting bribes and businesses that don’t pay, well get shut down as punishment, it happened to me, not from AFIP but from another government agency, and no matter how many denuncias, quejas y reclamos I made, I was COMPLETELY ignored.!/note.php?note_id=118845444855129

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