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Argentine Vice President Boudou uses an iPhone

April 3rd, 2012 | Categoría: Economics, Politics, Technology


As you may know, Argentina bans iPhone imports because Apple won’t produce them in the country. I wrote about this for The Wall Street Journal here.

But as I’ve noted before, the import ban hasn’t stopped some of Argentina’s top officials from using the world’s most popular smartphone themselves. For previous evidence of that click here.

In today’s post you can see that even Argentina’s vice president, Amado Boudou, uses an iPhone. As you can see from the screen grab above, Boudou, a big Apple fan, used an iPhoto to post to Twitter. Ironically, the above Tweets are about imports. In one, he criticizes people for complaining about a “lack” of goods, saying that people who do this have political motives.

Says Boudou: “Argentina is open to the world but let’s not destroy the local industry” with imports.

HT to Facebook user Javier Mondini for catching this. You can follow Boudou on Twitter here.

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Funny. Pathetic. Annoying. Ridiculous .

Anonymous says:

It is called hypocrisy as usual with the thugs that run Argentina. Ironically I celebrate my one year escape from there tomorrow and I am thankful everyday I departed and have no intention of ever returning.

Federico says:

Porqué sos un vende patria!

It is called hypocrisy as usual with the thugs that run Argentina. Ironically I celebrate my one year escape from there tomorrow and I am thankful everyday I departed and have no intention of ever returning.

bert hirschNo Gravatar says:

what a hippocrite!!

the Kirchner policies on imports are shortsighted and will result in economic hardships in the long run. Argentina should be proud of its population’s abilities, productivity and education-they have so many strengths, resources and can compete openly in the free market. If the Gov’t stopped controls (ie YPF) their would be a vast increase in investment in the country.

Until these policies are changed business investment form the rest of the world will only be a trickle of what it could be.

DonaldNo Gravatar says:

First among equals.

valerieNo Gravatar says:

Same thing with Cristina…who drinks in public Evian water…and has the label removed ….
Durante el discurso que dio la presidenta Cristina Kirchner en la apertura de sesiones ordinarias del Congreso el pasado jueves, se la pudo observar tomando agua mineral “Evian”, mientras que los diputados y senadores tomaban una de marca nacional, Eco de Los Andes.
Según contó la agencia NA, la indignación entre los presentes era demasiada, y se hizo sentir, ya que la marca que habitualmente consume la mandataria nacional, no sufrió ninguna traba en la Aduana como sí ocurre con otros productos, debido a que el Secretario de Comercio Interior, Guillermo Moreno, permitió su ingreso al país sin restricciones.
La que se enfureció con esta actitud fue la diputada del GEN, Margarita Stolbizer, quien en su cuenta de Twitter escribió: “En la Asamblea todas y todos tomamos agua Eco de los Andes. Ella vino con su Evian importada. Lástima que no dejan importar medicamentos para el cáncer”.

Evian es una reconocida marca francesa de agua mineral natural extraída directamente de los Alpes franceses y es la única bebida que toman celebridades como Mariah Carey, Madonna, Jennifer López, Beyoncé o Luis Miguel.
El paquete de seis unidades con botellas de un litro de Evian, cuesta entre 8 y 11 dólares y es reconocida por su bajo sodio y “efecto rejuvenecedor”.

JerryNo Gravatar says:

I wish that I had 4.38 pesos for every foreign fashion magazine that can be found in
C-FK’s offices and homes.

Hercules Poirot says:

Chavez should’nt be allowed to come to the next reunion of las americas in Cartagena, Colombia.
His presence is dangerous , his mental and physical health is deteriorated and He will not care, no doubt about it to make sick any one in his near circle.
He truly believes that his cancer was given to him by the yankies, so….carefull here.

[…] restrictions mean there’s a near ban on importing iPhones (though the vice-president was caught tweeting with one). Most people escape to Miami to buy them and hope to avoid paying the 50 per cent […]

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