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Spotify Launches Music Service In Argentina

September 24th, 2013 | Categoría: Entertainment



Spotify, the music streaming service, comes to Argentina today.

The service allows people to listen to music on of offline, depending on what kind of plan you get.

You can stream Spotify for free or pay 36 Argentine pesos a month to listen to it on any device at any time, even offline.

Spotify will be competing with Apple’s recently launched iTunes radio (only available in the US for now). The Huffington Post offered a good overview of both services here.

Spotify’s launch recalls Netflix’s messy entry into the Argentine market in 2011. Netflix, the video streaming service, launched with a limited movie and TV series catalog, disappointing many potential customers. The company initially charged 39 pesos a month for its service, but then switched over to US dollars, charging US $7.99.

At first, Netflix lacked a great deal of the content if offered in the US, leading to a lot of bad PR for the company. As time passed, the service improved and its local Latin American catalog grew, winning over many skeptical customers, especially parents who wanted their kids to access children’s programming and see content in different languages.

It’s unclear how Spotify’s music catalog in Argentina will compare with its offerings in the US and elsewhere. Let us know if you try it out!

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CNo Gravatar says:

I would have loved having that ! We were forced to listen to stereo/our music or online ITunes .. which was not punishment but it could have been easier.

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